Preliminary Program
8th American Conference on Pharmacometrics (ACoP8) Pre-conference
“Systems Pharmacology: From Innovation to Impact”

Co-chairs: Saroja Ramanujan (Genentech) and Cynthia J. Musante (Pfizer)
Sunday October 15th, 2017


Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP) is an area of rapid growth due to its focus on integrating rich data, biological and pharmaceutical expertise, engineering methodologies, and computational approaches to impact human medicine and health. With continuous innovation in these areas, cross-sector interdisciplinary sharing and collaboration is vital to advancing the field and delivering on its promise.

As such, this preconference is focused on bringing together colleagues from varied disciplines including pharmaceutical sciences, engineering, systems biology, and systems medicine in order to showcase innovative and impactful work occurring in both public and private sector institutions. The preconference will feature presentations on diverse topics such as physiologically-realistic 3D beating heart models, novel cognitive computing efforts, and other cutting-edge approaches as well as examples of demonstrable impact of systems pharmacology on drug development and clinical practice. Participants will also have the opportunity to attend a sunrise session that will provide an Introduction to Systems Pharmacology and will network and share learnings with colleagues over a poster session lunch. The session will conclude with a panel discussion on future directions and efforts to advance this promising field.

Note: Online registration is closed, but there is still availability to attend the pre-conference, "Systems Pharmacology: From Innovation to Impact" and the pre & post conference workshops. If you are interested in attending the pre-conference or adding a workshop to your existing registration, complete the attached form and return it to (ACoP8 Registration Form)

Agenda for the pre-conference is as follows:
Sunday October 15, 2017
7:00 AM  8:30 AM  Continental Breakfast and Pre-conference Registration
7:30 AM  8:30 AM

Sunrise Session:  

- Valeriu Damian (GSK): An Introduction to Systems Pharmacology

8:30 AM 8:45 AM


8:45 AM 9:00 AM

Welcome and Introduction to Pre-conference

- Co-Chairs: Saroja Ramanujan (Genentech) and CJ Musante (Pfizer)

9:00 AM 10:30 AM

Keynote presentations: 

Advancing Medicine with Computational Physiological Models (Chair: CJ Musante)  

Innovation Keynote:

Andrew McCullough (UCSD):  Multi-scale Modeling and Systems Biology of the Failing Heart

Impact Keynote:

Richard Gray (FDA): The Potential Impact of Physiological Computer Models in Medicine: Considerations for Ensuring Patient Safety 

10:30 AM 11:00 AM

Coffee break

11:00 AM 12:30 PM

Morning Session:  Innovative Efforts in Systems Pharmacology (Chair: Saroja Ramanujan)

- Kelley Erb (Pfizer): Project BlueSky: Advancing the Dynamical Measurement of Parkinson’s Disease in Clinical Trials 

- Eyal Dassau (Harvard): The Artificial Pancreas: Steps in The Design of a Medically Inspired Automated Insulin Delivery Device for Day-and-Night Glucose Control

- Innovation Speaker 3 (TBD)

12:30 PM 2:30 PM

Lunch and QSP Poster Session

2:30 PM 4:00 PM

Afternoon Session:  Impact of Systems Pharmacology on Drug Development & Clinical Practice (Chair: CJ Musante)

- Saroja Ramanujan (Genentech, Co-Chair): Impact in Drug Development:  Systems Pharmacology's Best Kept Secret(s) or the Emperor's New Clothes?

- Cheng Chang (Pfizer):  Hitting the Moving Target in Circadian Rhythm: The Application of Systems Pharmacology Model in the Development of a CK1 Inhibitor  (Selected for Podium Presentation from Submitted Abstracts)

- Benjamin Ribba (Roche): Optimal Sequencing of Immunotherapy Combination Treatment: FAP-IL2v, Tecentriq and Avastin in Advanced Kidney Cancer

-  Lisl Shoda (DILIsym Services): Application of a Quantitative Systems Toxicology (QST) Model to Support the Development of a Next-in-Class Compound with a Differentiated Safety Profile


4:00 PM 4:45 PM

Discussion Forum:  Moving Forward: How do we advance innovation, impact, and the link between the two? (Moderators: Saroja Ramanujan and CJ Musante)

Panel Discussion with All Presenters

4:45 PM 5:00 PM

Concluding Remarks and Preview of Main Conference (CJ Musante)